Monday, October 20, 2014

Meet and Greet Monday: Roy Harris Mural

This week we visited the brand new Roy Harris mural in Conroe.

There is so much interesting information about the mural, that we're including the entire press release here, from the Conroe Art League:

Boxing great and civic leader Roy Harris honored with

Conroe Legends mural


CONROE, TX − October 13, 2014 − A hometown hero whose accomplishments both in an out of the boxing ring have brought pride and credit to Montgomery County was honored Friday with a public mural celebrating his contributions to the community.

Roy Harris is the second person to be recognized with a Conroe Legends mural, celebrating his prominence as a heavyweight boxer as well as his ongoing contributions as a civic leader later in life. The nearly 10-foot square mural depicts Harris as he appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1958.

Known as the Barefoot Boxer from Cut and Shoot, Harris, 81, was a four-time Golden Glove boxing champion who tallied 23 consecutive professional wins in the ring before taking on Floyd Patterson for the heavyweight title on Aug. 18, 1958.

"It's a fight I should have won," said Harris. "I fought Sonny Liston too − should have won that one, too."
Friends and family members on hand for the unveiling ceremony recall a lot of excitement in Conroe leading up to the fight for the heavyweight crown. Harris’ aunt, Dorothy Brown, recalls that reporters from all over the country came to Conroe to file stories about the undefeated heavyweight challenger.
“Dad took my brother, Jay, and me to the drive-in theater to watch the fight on closed circuit," said Mayor Pro Tem Guy Martin. "It was exciting − very exciting."
Harris recorded a song, "Cut & Shoot, Texas, USA," in 1958. He retired from boxing with a record of 31- 5, nine by knockout. He became a real estate broker in 1960, an attorney in 1972, and served as county clerk for Montgomery County from 1967 to 1995.
"I was pleasantly surprised to see all my kin folk here when I arrived," said Harris. "I had no idea about the mural. This is a great honor − it's something I really appreciate."
As the second Conroe Legend, Harris joins Texas broadcasting legend Mary McCoy, who was the first to be honored by the Conroe Legends program in recognition of her 2010 induction into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. The subjects for the Legends Wall are individuals who have received statewide, national, or international recognition for their achievement in arts and entertainment and in doing so brought attention to the Conroe area.
"A group of local people have talked about doing something like this for a long time," said Annette Spikes, president of the Greater Conroe Arts Alliance. "Pledges have been made and funding is being sought for the next mural, although a decision has not been made as to who the recipient will be."

The murals, located on the south side of a building owned by Rodney and Joyce Pool at 202 N. Main St. at the corner of N. Main and Metcalf streets in downtown Conroe were created by artist Theresa Thornhill of Digital Accents.
There is sufficient space for two more murals − a total of four − at that location, although Spikes hopes to keep the program going beyond the first four murals.

While the Greater Conroe Arts Alliance has helped facilitate the Conroe Legends mural program, Spikes said the real credit goes to area residents and businesses that contributed their time and money to make the program a reality.

Generous donors for the Harris mural were Colony Ridge Land LLC, The Harris Family, Tommy and Mary Ann Metcalf, and Larry and Marsha Corley. Special thanks was also given to JDM Designs, KSTAR Radio, The Kroger Co., Rodney and Joyce Pool, Gene and Betty Wolf of Sharity Productions, Greater Conroe Arts Alliance, La Societá Medici Rinascimento, and the Friends of Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival Committee.
For more information on the Conroe Legends mural series, or to make a contribution to the program, contact Annette Spikes, at 936-756-5347 or

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Del Taco

It's Throwback Thursday!

They were located off 336 N., next to where McDonalds is now. They were famous for their green burritos! Do you remember Del Taco?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet and Greet Monday: Renaissance Festival

We went out to the Renaissance Festival for a special tour before they opened! They now are officially open, but here are some behind the scenes sneak peaks.

They did expand their grounds and campgrounds this year, but as usual, you can expect all kinds of fun: jousting, turkey legs, performers, mead, costumes galore, and so much more! Check them out from now until the end of November. Find out more at

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Old Conroe Train Station

It's Throwback Thursday! Check out this photo of the old Conroe Train Station.

The train system was hugely important to Conroe, especially in the early 1900's! Check out the Heritage Museum's site for more information about it at

Monday, October 6, 2014

Meet and Greet Mondays: Dryft Cycle Boats

This week, for Meet and Greet Monday, we visited Dryft Cycle Boats on Lake Conroe. Dryft Cycle Boats is brand new to Conroe, opening to the public soon. They have a really interesting concept- it is a boat that is powered by the passengers peddling, just like on a bicycle! Don't worry though- if you or your group gets tired, they do have a regular motor as well.

The boat has ten seats for ten peddlers, and can hold an additional six seated on the back of the boat. The middle of the boat also has a built in cooler for beverages, of which you bring your own. Here's a close up of the sets and pedals!

I peddled, and I have to say it's easier that you might think. Of course, that depends how many people are peddling! You should definitely try it out when they open- this boat is only the third in the country, and the only one in the South! Find out more at 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 1985-86 Conroe Tiger Paws Pep Squad

It's Throwback Thursday! Check out this photo showcasing the 1985-86 Conroe Tiger Paws Pep Squad, featuring our own Sherry from our office!

Sherry is kneeling in the black officer's uniform- how fun! Do you remember this?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet and Greet Mondays: Accents

This week, we visited Accents, a gift shop located off I-45 and 336 N. Accents was also recognized in the Best of Montgomery County, as the number one gift shop!

Accents is a favorite here among locals, and visitors will love it as well. You can always expect fun seasonal décor,

as well as all kinds of interesting gifts and things to look at.

They have a large picture frame collection,

pewter collection,

and so much more!

One of our favorites is the Texas section, of course! If you're visiting Conroe and Texas, you might find a fun souvenir here.

They have a large offering of shoes, some clothes, a lot of jewelry, and bags.

Check them out next time you're here! It's a fun stop.